weekend New york city
weekend New york city

New York City, also known as the Big Apple, the center of iconic landmarks and the place to be for star quality entertainment; what’s not to like? Additionally, weekend is the best time to visit the city as many business travelers in gone and cheap New York hotels are tempting with their lower prices.

The city has so much to offer that if you’re just planning a weekend in NYC, you’ll want to put together a TTD list. You can either use the easy transport in the city like their famous yellow cabs or the subway to visit the popular places or book tours that will take you to your favorites in a day or two. Visiting New York for the weekend can also be affordable because, due to an influx of business and leisure activities, you’ll find a good number of cheap hotels in all its popular areas. You can enjoy NYC on a budget without missing out on the finer things in life and the more extravagant venues.

Weekend in New York City

Once you arrive, what should you do for the weekend? Well, Time Warner Center is always a good place to start, which is basically the biggest, fanciest mall you’ll ever experienced in your life and features all kinds of cuisine and shops for you to spend the money you saved on your hotel room. Even just to see its sheer size and modern aesthetic is worth the visit.

For any fan of film and theater the Film Forum is a must see as well. It features all sorts of upcoming independent film features and documentaries. Anything that might present new ideas or film in an artistic fashion will be shown here and is a treat for fans of the medium.

History buffs will want to visit iconic NYC sights like the Grand Central terminal, which still functions but stands just as it has for decades now. The mural inside the terminal pays homage to the building’s rich history.

The Empire State building is another must see and is one of New York’s most prestigious pieces of historical architecture. Last but not least is the Statue of Liberty, standing proudly in the New York harbor, another great symbol of what makes New York City a memorable place to visit. The Contemporary Art Center is another excellent choice for any fan of the arts and unlike many museums which show off the classics, this one showcases up and coming artists.

NYC has some of the best night clubs in the world playing music and providing live entertainment certain to suit a variety of tastes. You’ll also find an eclectic variety of restaurants and eateries from 5 star restaurants to intimate lounges and the famous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.

NYC provides an endless list of activities, indoor and out, a vibrant night life and romantic getaways. You’ll have a lot of money left over to indulge in all the best venues by booking one of the cheap hotel rooms.

Weekend in New York City
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