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Welcome to our new category. It will feature interesting blogs and websites linked to New York City. We love stories and world wide web is full of amazing stories! Let’s break the ice with first blog you should definitely visit.

Say hello to Mary Lane, author of New York Cliché. She is fun and spends too much money at Starbucks, slow moving tourists make her livid. She owns too many clothes but have nothing to wear. Her favorite television show? Visit New York Cliché and find out by yourself!

Mary Lane Townsend: New York Cliché

What Mary Lane says about her blog:

“New York Cliché began in May 2008, four days before I moved to New York City to pursue a life in the theatre. An aspiring actress moving to the city of dreams, can it get any more cliché than that? My career just beginning and at the mercy of casting directors, I wanted a creative outlet I could control. So I started writing about the funny “New York” things that happened to me. I never thought the reality of this city would be just as crazy as they make it look on TV, but it is! That’s what this blog is all about. My posts bring vivid color (ranging the spectrum from gold to shit brown) to what life in the Big Apple is all about. Feel free to live vicariously.

Why call myself New York Cliché? Because I love poking fun at myself (and life in general). And what’s the fun of a joke if you can’t share it? I love to make people laugh. I’m a big ham, a total goof, let’s call it part of my charm. Everything you’ll read here has a humorous edge, especially if I’m talking about heart break or oral surgery.”

Please, go visit New York Cliché, you won’t regret it! Its fun, full of drama and totaly New York! We love you, Mary Lane!

new york cliché
Mary Lane Townsend: New York Cliché

You can find Mary Lane on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Totally NY; New York Cliché
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