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A customer at my company has just moved to a fresh New York office. Their former office was perfectly fine but it was far away from the home of the majority of employees. As a result, part of my company’s job was to help the clients find a suitable office space to meet their business demands, yet a work space that could be found in the city location.

With a little hard work and help from staff at I came up with some tips and tricks to make work easier and to make things go along smoother for the clients involved. So if you are in about the move office then here are a few things you may like to know in order to ease your transition to a brand new New York office space.

A, B or C class office?

In the US office space industry, offices are assigned the letters A, B or C. Within the Big Apple district Class A means a particular thing: state-of-the-art towering buildings and modern materials. If it’s not like this it is not Class A, even if it is a unique building that was stunningly designed in the 1920’s. Make sure you are cautious when seeing a property as numerous offices are inappropriately advertised using incorrect terminology. So do your research.

office space

In finding an office in New York allow up to nine months. I am not kidding about this. It will take about two months to find the space, up to a month to negotiate the leasing agreement with landlords, two months to sign the lease, a month for your architect to plan your office fit-out and another three more months for it to be constructed. The last thing you want to do is make a bunch of promises you cannot keep, so leave lots of time in order for your move to be completed.

An ideal office probably won’t be out there. This is because executive office space needs a bit of a designer touch to bring it up to your office requirements and aesthetics. Usually you will be able to use these requests as a way to negotiate on the leasing or purchase price of the office. Surprisingly enough the owner will pay for the design changes So if you are interested in a Manhattan commercial property from then ask the broker if this is an option for you.

Do You Need A Broker?

When it comes to real estate, brokers receive a commission directly from the landlord and this fee can be anything up to 6 percent of the total leasing value. This can be loads of moneys for hardly any work. So the second you make it known that you want to relocate your company, you will have brokers falling all over you. The really good thing about this scenarios is that they should really want to find you an office but you might find out that it is not the property you were looking for.

If you have been looking for cheap office space in Midtown Manhattan on the internet, you may have found many of the executive suites are quoted on a per sq ft or per sqm basis. These offices are for available using a traditional lease agreement. We recommend you consider choosing some of the temporary mini suites in Midtown Manhattan if you want a flexible workplace solution.

Following the above advice and taking your time to research the market is a good way to help you to locate a property in the right area.

Tips and tricks to help you find office space in the city of New York
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