New York City may see more of Wonder Woman and Supergirl characters roaming the streets in the days leading up to Halloween.

At Rubie’s Costume Co. in Richmond Hill, Queens, the largest costume manufacturer in the world, executive vice president Howard Beige said he noticed that customers were buying costumes of strong female characters about two years ago.

“You noticed that young girls were looking more for costumes that had empowerment, so things like Harley Quinn were selling, Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman. Of course Wonder Woman took over this year because of the film. But today’s parents, when they’re shopping for costumes for young kids, are looking for costumes that are more empowering,” he said.

In Manhattan at Abracadabra NYC, customer Mitzy Bravo said the trend towards Wonder Woman costumes made her feel good.
“We are more powerful, we can be powerful and Wonder Woman made a big impact for us women,” she said.

Abracadabra NYC marketing director, Naika Cadet said she’s noticed more people buying DIY costumes.
“New York has a multitude of fun cultures and fun identities and fun people, so they want to buy something and create their own, not be the same kind of costume walking around New York City, they want to be individuals,” she said.

New Yorkers have Halloween fun with costumes
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