Just to Get a Rep is a documentary film directed by Peter Gerard. The film covers the history of graffiti art and its relationship with hip-hop, from 1970s New York City to the international graffiti culture in the early 2000s.

Just to Get a Rep Synopsis

More than thirty years ago, the youth of New York’s neglected neighborhoods started a revolution by spray-painting their names on subway trains. The energy and freedom of this expression has inspired generations of youth throughout the world, yet the established authorities and institutions continually deny its merit. Working against the powers of the media, the police, and the art world, aerosol artists have developed a unique worldwide culture based on respect, camaraderie and a shared struggle to re-claim and re-create their environments. Just to Get a Rep rigorously examines the love-hate relationship between graffiti and hip-hop. Hear the true story of aerosol art as told by New York’s pioneers as well as today’s innovators from all over the world.

just to get a rep
Just to Get a Rep


Just to Get a Rep was premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2004 and played international festivals for more than two years. Just to Get a Rep was first broadcast on television in 2007. After broadcasts in France, Australia and Russia and a limited DVD release in Japan, Just to Get a Rep was released via video on demand in September 2009 from the film’s website with “pay-what-you-feel” pricing. Peter Gerard was invited to Dok Leipzig in October 2009 to give a presentation on the “pay-what-you-feel” sales strategy. The Special Edition DVD was released in March 2010 and it was added to Amazon Video in early 2014.

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Just to Get a Rep by Peter Gerard
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