Boris and Horton
Boris and Horton

Boris & Horton is first ever dog-friendly cafe in NYC, named after father-daughter team Logan Mikhly’s and Coppy Holzman’s pooches.

“So my dad and I are pretty obsessed with both dogs and coffee, and we wanted to help NewYorkers find a solution for that problem of having to tie your dog up outside to get coffee, or leave them at home,” said co-owner Logan Mikhly. “We feel like it’s really dangerous and not super fun for a dog to kind of be out on the sidewalk. So our walk up window is really amazing because you can get your coffee there and then come into the dog side.”

According to Department of Health regulations, the cafe isn’t allowed to serve food in the same area that the dogs are, but their owners can order food in a separate section and bring it in to hang out with their dogs.

Boris and Horton
Boris and Horton

The cafe is separated into three sections: a window where customers can order food and drink and bring it to the dog section, a regular cafe for humans with no dogs allowed, and an indoor lounge for dogs and their owners.

Mikhly stressed the difference between Boris & Horton’s dog-friendly cafe and a regular dog cafe.

“A dog cafe is something that you see in like, Japan and basically you would go there, the rules are very different, and you can sit on the floor with coffee and have sort of, dogs around you,” she said. “This is very much a dog-friendly cafe. So the goal is to have a place for people to bring their dogs to drink with. And then we also are super rescue-friendly, so we’re going to be doing a lot of adoption events on weekends. So, if you don’t have a dog and want to meet your new furry best friend, you can definitely come here.”


Dog treats are available on the dog side of the cafe and for the humans, there are house-made toasts, City of Saints coffee, Balthazar and Bien Cuit pastries and Murray’s Cheese plates.

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New Yorkers enjoy the first dog-friendly cafe in NYC
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