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Central Park Manhattan – A romance wonderland! It is one of the marvels of New York town and one of its most famous and loved assets. If you want to explore its 843 acres from a dating perspective, here are a few ideas…

Shakespeare In The Park

The outdoor Delacorte Theater plays host to the Bard every summer. The open air performances of Shakespeare’s wise and witty plays have been entertaining people since 1957 and have become a New York tradition. Part of that tradition is waiting in line for the tickets, which are distributed from 1pm, although cueing usually starts much earlier. The line-up itself has become a social happening and is itself an event. Bring a picnic basket.

Ice Skating

In summer there’s Shakespeare, but in winter, with the wondrous city skyline setting the stage, what could be more romantic than ice skating in Central Park? You have your choice of two rinks – The Wollman Rink (now, incidentally, run by Donald Trump) and the Lasker Rink. You can put your ice skates on from November through to March.

Dining and picnics

Whether you prefer the formal dining experience of Tavern On The Green, the more laid back atmosphere of The Boathouse, or would rather just take your own picnic basket, Central Park’s scenery is guaranteed to bring romance to the proceedings. “There is simply hundreds of adorable spots to indulge in alfresco dining amongst the trees and hills that beautify the rolling landscape of the park. Some popular spots include the Sheep Meadow, via the southern side of the Lake precisely west of Bethesda Fountain, the area circling the Conservatory Water and including a number of places along the Mall”.

central park

Taking the scenic route

There’s nothing like walking with your date to get you both talking. Plan it so you can see the sunset together.

Music and movies

Central Park is for the senses, and in the warmer months you can feed your inner culture vulture with Summerstage and Summer Movies programs. The Central Park website publishes the film schedule as it becomes available.

Central Park Zoo

On the East Side of the Park, between 63rd and 66th Streets, you’ll find the much loved Central Park Zoo, where animals live in environments as close to their natural habitats as is possible. Nothing like some cute critters to add some romance to your date.

Carriage ride

You’ve seen the horse and carriage ride in so many movies – now do it yourself!

Central Park is a sanctuary in a city, and a day or evening spent there can be romantically enriching – there’s so much there to experience and it’s the perfect place for a first date. This unique lovers outlet continues to rank as one of the world’s most popular and most frequented romance hotspots and is embedded within the worlds busiest city – New York. Central Park receives constant recommendations and reviews from America’s leading free dating websites . Just perfect for some alone time with your date then hit the bars and clubs of Manhattan.

Central Park is open daily from 6 am until 1 am.

Central Park Manhattan – A romance wonderland!
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