Carmines NYC
Carmines NYC


If you’re looking for Italian food family style, this place is for you! If you’re not looking for Italian food family style, this place is for you also. When someone tells you a restaurant serves large portions, you probably think you know what to expect. You don’t. Carmine’s is a restaurant you want to go to as a group of eight, and then order two dishes. You’ll leave full. Everything is family style in Carmine’s. Even the bread they give you.


Its right in the middle of Times Square so it is in the absolute perfect location. You walk into the doors and you’re greeted by at least 5 hosts. The place is always packed. The bar is to your right and the dining is all around. There is also an upstairs section. When you get sat a waiter comes over to you and gives bread for the table. They also offer water. If you have never been to Carmines, looking at the menu can be a little scary. The menus are posted on the walls so everyone can see them.

It does look pricey at first glance but keep in mind although, each dish is about $30+ the meals are meant to be shared. Each dish will feed 5-6 people. So order up several things and have fun sharing.

How to find Carmine’s?

Carmine’s is two short blocks north of the Times Square 42nd Street subway station serving the 1, 2, 3, 7, N, R subways. The A, C and E subways stop at 42nd Street and Eighth Ave. The B, D, F and M subways stop at 42nd Street and 6th Ave. The MTA bus system also serves the area. The M7, M10, M20, M27, M42, 27,104 all stop within one long or two short blocks of the restaurant.

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Carmine’s – Southern Italian family feast in New York’s Times Square
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