Are you looking for beautiful clothes that don’t cost you a fortune? INA is perfect for you, if you aren’t prepared selling your soul for famous brands.

INA is New York’s most established designer consignment store. Since opening in 1993, INA have been accepting only the finest designer clothing, shoes, accessories, and select vintage, all carefully curated by trained staff. In addition to choosing merchandise that is only of the highest quality and condition, staff are attuned to current fashion trends, as well as being collectors and followers of couture history, examples of which often find their way into our stores.


With an extensive network in the fashion business, from designers to business owners, stylists, editors and models, store often receives current pieces and limited edition items that could be seen in the designer’s store on Madison avenue or in SoHo.

Stores inventory changes daily, so shopping at any one of five locations or online is always a unique experience, with unexpected discoveries.

Founder Ina Bernstein has been part of New York’s fashion industry for over 40 years.

Affordable designer clothes at INA
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