Welcome to the HelloBigApple.net – a project that is dedicated to everyone that shares the love for the greatest city on Earth. With your help, we’d like to pay a tribute to the city of lights, its endless avenues and its unforgettable movies’ sceneries. If you visited NYC and you’d like to share your experience with us, we’d be happy to hear it!

HelloBigApple.net wants to explore the Big Apple beyond its most known attractions and landmarks, discovering NYC’s hidden jewels that make the city that never sleeps more than just a metropolis. We’re interested in places, individuals and the stories that give New York its unique charm.



Have you enjoyed the music of a magnificent street virtuoso? Did you on your way to the Empire State Building tried the best Hot Dog or found that one Italian dude, that makes sinfully good pizzas? We want to know where we can find him, too! We’d love to hear how you lived, felt and breathed the NYC.

Make no mistake – HelloBigApple.net is not just another tourist guide but rather the memoir of stories that were born in the New York City and the stories that are written for the New York City. We’re looking forward to your journey to the Big Apple with us!

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Daniel Potrc

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Doroteja Cimerman

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Spring in NYC

Spring in NYC (Gallery)

I’m told it’s definitely Spring in NYC because you can hear Cohen singing from Albany.   As the weather warms, New York City becomes a more...
Doctors riot

Doctors riot of 1788

The Doctors riot was an incident that occurred in April 1788 in New York City Doctors riot, where the illegal procurement of corpses from the graves of slaves and...
The Levys’ Unique New York!

The Levys’ Unique New York!

The Levys’ Unique New York! provides private, group, student & corporate travel services for sightseeing experiences in New York City. All our guides exude the...

Explosions rock big new hotel

Best things to do in New York City:

Best things to do in New York City next week (4/9/2018 – 4/14/2018)

 4/9/2018  - Touching the Face of the Cosmos A one-day series of panels, presentations, and papers that explore a missing ingredient in the attempt of humanity...
RV in New York City

How to drive and where to park your RV in New York City?

Big Apple is known as the city that never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t sleep comfortably in an RV in New...
what is african burial ground

What is African Burial Ground National Monument?

From the 1690s until the 1790s, both free and enslaved Africans were buried in a 6.6 acre burial ground in Lower Manhattan, outside the...

53 years in post office

Best New York City Images from January 2017 (Gallery)

March in New York City (Gallery)

Please check out our selection of best NYC images from March. Enjoy!           (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});           ...

Anti-aircraft guns to guard New York

PUBLISH DATE: March 25, 1918 PAGE NUMBER: 20