Charging stations in NYC
Charging stations in NYC

New York City is a hub for electric vehicle (EV) adoption in USA. At the close of 2016, New York State had by far the highest number of plug-in EVs on the road of any Northeastern state (16,710), and the Big Apple had the most of any city in the state (2,996).

This statistic may seem remarkable for a city with so many high-rise apartment buildings, but a combination of government initiatives and New Yorkers’ desire to drive greener has made it a reality. While some electric cars are part of the city’s rapidly growing municipal plug-in fleet, the lion’s share belongs to NYC residents who take advantage of existing charging station infrastructure and available incentives.

Charging stations in NYC

Last year New York City announced a significant new electric car charging program that will bring 50 fast-charging stations across all 5 boroughs.

New York City will continue to invest in the new technologies we need to reduce our emissions, especially in the face of Trump’s abdication of leadership on climate. By helping develop the infrastructure necessary for electric vehicles, we’re going to make it easier than ever for New Yorkers to switch. This is another step towards aligning our action on climate change with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree stretch goal.Bill de Blasio

In 2016 the city bought 80 all-electric Chevy Bolt EVs at a good discount for a shared fleet initiative and planned to add more EVs to their fleets. Those vehicles would benefit from more charging stations.

State of New York introduced a new $2,000 EV incentive aimed at the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt EV, and other long range affordable EVs.

Where to find charging stations in NYC

This stat may sound surprising, but there are over 500 charging station in NYC. Many of these are located in public parking garages, and there is usually a small fee for charging. Apartment dwellers who park in a local garage are able to charge while the car is not in use. Attendants who work in garages with charging stations are typically used to handling plug-in models.

See map below to find out where you can charge your EV. Click [ ] for full screen view.

500 Charging Stations in NYC and the Surrounding Area
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